We are a team of devs, designers, system archtects, & data scientists passionate about building scalable apps

Our experience working with Fortune 100 companies and startups has given us the expertise and flexibility to fit into a variety of organizations and impact their culture from the inside out. We pride ourselves on our holistic understanding of how great software products get made, including defining best coding practices, building a strong team culture, and working with development experts, web designers, and mobile designers to create an intuitive user experience.

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Josh Owens

Leading both the frontend and backend teams, I help set the technical direction for all projects. Building highly usable and easily deployed web apps and mobile apps is my end game and something I’ve focused on for years of my career.

Wendy Owens

Setting the expectations and working to ensure the dev teams have what they need, I focus on making sure the products we build are what the clients want and need.

Sean Massie

I help set technology direction that ensures we choose the right technology and architecture to balance the need for performance, scale, and security.

Jon Page, PhD

I use data science, machine learning, and AI to drive efficiency, find new product opportunities, and deliver better experiences for your customers.


Sjaan Hydrick

Evan Finkelstein

You need to build software. We can help.

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