Scalable software engineering, design, and data science for startups

You're down a CTO/CPO and need a team that can deliver yesterday. We don't time travel, but our clients say we work miracles.

You want a partner who can give you outside expertise, and then roll up their sleeves to start coding with your team. We don’t just build you an app and call it a day — we want to be the best colleagues you've ever had, designing technology from concept creation to development, deployment, and support.

Here’s how Kickstand crafts software solutions built to delight you today and scale tomorrow.

Chips and motherboards

A Balanced Approach

We begin by learning about your business, your customers, and your goals to develop a plan for the right solution that addresses your users' needs. Developing a great product demands agile software development that prioritizes customer usability, reliability and maintainability. Something our expert web developers can provide.

Creating Culture

The culture of your software engineering team is crucial to your ability to recruit the right talent and grow your business. When you partner with application development experts like us, you access our experience in recruiting, training, and building development teams across companies of all sizes. Our dedicated team helps by establishing best practices for engineering, product, and design, as well as providing senior engineering leadership, we help our partners build a unique culture where the best tech talent wants to work.

Expert Engineering

After years of technical leadership experience in organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, we know how to identify problems, design high quality solutions, and do feature development that is built to scale. Beyond the code, we know how to think strategically with our clients to ensure our development approch addresses today’s needs, while also being testable, maintainable, and scalable. We are your technical co-founder

You need help?

You need help finding a software engineer for your startup or company, you can stop now. We have a dedicated team to take on all your app development needs like: javascript experts, typescript experts, ruby experts, python experts, and more!

Technology we love

We are a software development company focused on battle-tested languages and frameworks, so your product can stand the test of scale and you can hire in the future. We understand the software development life cycle


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You need to build software. We can help.

Kick your software into gear


Kick your software into gear