Changes at Kickstand

by Dominic Varacalli

July 10th, 2020

It is with mixed feelings today we announce that Josh and Wendy Owens are taking over at Kickstand. We created Kickstand to help startups piece together all of the things they need in the early phases to get off the ground and I am proud of the companies and founders we have been able to work with to make that possible. However with the current environment it was not going to be able to be sustainable to maintain the full staff we had onboard.

Today we are announcing that Josh and Wendy are taking over at Kickstand, they've been running an agency over the past 10 years and were able to step in and carry the baton on all the projects we had in flight. Josh has been a good friend and colleague for years and someone we trust the same way we trusted any founder at Kickstand, Josh even advised us early on how to setup our business. With his experience running an agency and breadth of development experience we know that everyone is in good hands.

While this was a hard choice to make we had an opportunity to keep our staff employed during this pandemic, we felt strongly that if we could save their income, and healthcare that should be our top priority as business owners. Luckily we had an opportunity to do that in short order with one of our existing clients. We recognized that that would cause abrupt stops to projects in flight and Josh was able to step in and keep the other client projects going. Josh has been integrating into our projects over the past weeks to create a smooth transition and close out some of the projects we would have been unable to as we had to move on to keep our employees employed during this pandemic.

While we are sad to say goodbye to Kickstand as founders, we couldn’t be happier that someone like Josh and Wendy were able to step in and drive our projects to closure and continue on with the Kickstand mission.

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