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About Fig

Fig is an independent game funding platform that adapts the crowdfunding model specifically for indie game developers and fans. Founded as an alternative to seeking funding from large game publishers, Fig helps connect developers to a variety of alternative funding sources.


After acquiring VC funding and building a large team, Fig’s leadership decided to scale down their operations from a rapidly growing startup to a more sustainable small business. Fig needed to spin down their engineering resources and staff to a more manageable and agile level in order to roll out new features at a more relaxed pace—while still having the capacity to meet aggressive milestones at the right time.


Fig brought on Kickstand for technology leadership during their transition. Serving as their primary engineering team, our experts cut their infrastructure costs in half by designing a more elastic solution that could scale up or down based on user traffic. We also helped Fig develop and launch new capabilities called Open Access and Fig Portfolio Shares.

The new capabilites we developed provided new funding and purchasing models for game developers using Fig’s platform. Today, Fig continues to partner with Kickstand for technology leadership and strategy for launching game funding campaigns on their platform.

Expertise Provided
Backend Architecture
Technology Used
Elastic cloud infrastructure

"Kickstand lets me focus on growing my business. They lowered my infrastructure costs, and continue to build high-quality features that allow Fig to continue to innovate in supporting independent game developers."


50%improvement in infrastructure costs
> $1.5 milsupported in game crowdfunding
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78195585-D35E-4450-B8CA-07D6B095852DCreated with sketchtool.

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