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About Source

Source helps connect interior designers and architects to a digital library of building materials and enables them to bridge the gap between sales reps, manufacturers, and designers.


Designers and architects spend their days bringing buildings to life; from your new favorite restaurant to hospitals. With a limitless amount of building material comes chaos which they attempt to navigate using only a phone; ordering samples from numerous representatives.


Being an industry insider, Nicole (Source CEO) noticed this problem and decided to fix it. After a successful round of funding for 1.2M led by the Oregon Venture Fund and Rogue Venture Partners it was GO time.

Their MVP was developed using BigCommerce and a patchwork of off the shelf tools. As Source put their MVP into the world, they realized the need required a more flexible solution.

Around this time, Caroline Lewis from Rogue Ventures, introduced Nicole to Dominic (Founding partner at Kickstand). Shortly after connecting, they scheduled a meeting to go over the challenges Source was facing at the time. In Nicole’s own words: “Dominic just gets it”.

Intending to scale her business nationwide and expand the product library (at around 30k at this point), Kickstand worked closely with the Source team to formulate a plan. We realized this would take a ground-up approach to rebuild from scratch, import 1000's more products, and automate manual work to scale the business, the race was on.

We had 4 months to go from nothing to V1. Through the discovery process, the team identified the right features and set a technical strategy. We created a home for hundreds of thousands of products, allowing design and architecture firms to create organization accounts, manage users, and let them explore the digital library.

We allowed designers to ditch the phone and order samples directly through the web, and organize their projects. We created an interface just for reps and manufacturers, where they can manage their sample inventories and fulfill orders. All of this via a slick, modern and functional interface.

Expertise Provided
Brand Strategy
Backend Architecture
Technology Used

"They were looking at the problem like a Product Manager would, as opposed to engineers asking to be told what to build...and they delivered at Startup speed"


$2.5 millionNew funding post launch
4 monthsengagment till delivery
78195585-D35E-4450-B8CA-07D6B095852DCreated with sketchtool.

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78195585-D35E-4450-B8CA-07D6B095852DCreated with sketchtool.

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