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The Dyrt

About The Dyrt

With the fastest growing camping app on web and mobile, The Dyrt aims to be the Yelp of campgrounds and natural spaces. Featuring online information and community stories on more than 42,000 American campgrounds, The Dyrt offers a data-driven approach to planning outdoor adventures.


The Dyrt’s business model relies on building an online community around camping and gathering data around each of the 42,000 campgrounds in their database. They needed to scale up their technology to make the best use of this data, building features that would facilitate campsite booking, search, and other user-facing needs. This required senior engineering talent and technical leadership to streamline processes and create a culture that would last.


The Dyrt partnered with Kickstand to add senior engineering leadership who would build The Dyrt’s culture around front end development. Our senior engineers helped define recruiting strategy, operational processes, and product management to support The Dyrt’s growth. We continue to be part of every leadership meeting to help organize The Dyrt’s technology vision into executable work.

Expertise Provided
Project Management Training
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“Kickstand quickly focused us in on what’s important and helped us deliver high quality code week after week. From product management strategy to QA and front end to back end, Kickstand fills the gaps needed to keep my team humming.”


2 ENGINEERSOnboarded and trained
42,000+Supported users

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