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About ZibaHub

Zibahub is on a mission to level the playing field in beauty by providing the same career enablement tools available to other professions in a format that complements the unique needs of this highly creative, bold, and diverse community.


Hairstylist careers are fast-moving. Career opportunities are word-of-mouth and jump-starting your network is a huge challenge to newcomers. Furthermore, the market is increasingly composed of independent contractors always on the lookout for a chair at a salon.


This problem was close to Mandana’s (ZibaHub CEO) heart who saw her mother deal with these issues through her career as an esthetician. After initially testing her product-market fit with a scrapy MVP, she came to Kickstand to execute on a product that would scale with her business.

Our process started by integrating ourselves with the ZibaHub team and synthesizing their learnings from their MVP, combining that with our expertise and user feedback in order to arrive at a feature-set. We also ran a branding workshop to help ZibaHub find their voice. The product had to target both iOS and Android as mobile is the native device for the industry.

We created a place professionals can call home. From developing your professional profile to finding a chair at a salon you rent to conduct business, we got you covered! We also implemented some neat social network features like feeds and the ability to “connect” to your peers.

Expertise Provided
Brand Strategy
Backend Architecture
Technology Used
React Native

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