Kickstand Services

Services to help your tart your app and grow your development culture

Our team is here to help you with each phase of growth. Start by doing rapid prototyping if you're incubating a project. Kick-off your startup with our MVP package to help position yourself for funding, and when you're ready to scale, our team is here to build a scalable solution.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping program lets you bring a new idea to the table, flesh it out with our team and in most cases have a usable prototype within 24-48 hours for $499.

MVP Package

The output of the MVP process is your MVP definition, backed by research, real users, yourself, and our expertise. From this definition, we can produce development cost and timeline estimates.

AWS Infrastructure Audit

The AWS Infrastructure Audit package includes concrete steps needed to take you from your current system to a lean, mean, costs-savings machine.

Kick your software into gear.

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