AWS Infrastructure Audit

Don’t let your infrastructure costs destroy your runway. A simple configuration error, unused reserved instances, and using the wrong tool for the job are all expensive mistakes you pay for every month. Whether you just need a plan or want a partner to implement the changes, we’re here to help.

The output of your Infrastructure Audit is a diagram of your current state, a diagram of the ideal state, and the concrete steps needed to take you from your current system to a lean, mean, costs-savings machine. Set up a free consultation to see if this process is a good fit for you.

AWS Infrastructure Audit Process


Business and Systems Overview

In this stage you talk us through your business model. We’ll use a virtual whiteboard to map out your system including internal and external dependencies.

  • Diagram of the current infrastructure

AWS Billing Analysis

At this stage you provide your budget advisor access to billing on your infrastructure so we can provide.

  • Breakdown of your recent billing tied to core business operations
  • Diagram of ideal infrastructure
  • Step-by-step plan

Infrastructure Migration (Optional)

In this final phase we implement the step-by-step plan allowing you to realize cost-savings without the need to dedicate significant internal resources.

  • Implementation of ideal infrastructure
Scalable Software Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of the project, our average time from signing a contract to delivery is 2 weeks. We have the ability to go fast if that’s a priority for you.

How much does it cost?

The first two stages cost 5k. The third implementation stage costs between 5k-20k depending on the complexity of your infrastructure. You can always live chat with us or schedule a call. We can talk about how we can help you free of charge.

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