A Crash Course In Tech For Leaders

When you are a founder leading a team, you have 100s of hats to wear. We are here to help level-up your technical knowledge so you can make better decisions, engage with your team, and know when something seems off.

What You’ll Learn

Core concepts on how the web works, application architecture, how applications scale, and as many buzz words as we can think of.


5 Day Email Class

We want everyone to have easy access. Once you sign up you'll get a daily email with a new topic every day each day builds on the concepts of the prior day. If you ever have questions we're here to help and offer monthly in person sessions.


Who’s Teaching

Dominic, one of the Co-founders at Kickstand, will lead the course. He has experience running past startups, and managing large technology teams. He’ll bring a unique perspective on what you need to know to have one on one conversations as well as making strategic decisions for your company.


Who Should Attend

We work with startups and want founders to have every advantage they can. If you are a founder or in a leadership role, we want you to have the tools to grow a successful company. That’s why we offer this course for free to founders.

Scalable Software Strategy

Learn more about our holistic approach to software engineering


Kick your software into gear

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